Think Faster

Cleverstack was an app made by Subtract that makes thinking and collaborating easy. From product strategy to branding and product design, we’ve helped create an approachable and easy workflow for thinking and making decisions.

Branding, UI, UX, IXD


Mobile App

Work completed at Motel

What if dropping your phone wasn’t the worst thing on Earth? What if it was more like your phone was a Tamagotchi, but instead of having to worry about it pooping, all you have to do is not drop it all the time. Dropbot—and Frett in particular, was a concept for a phone insurance company which ended up becoming Fixt. This was a project I completed during my time at Motel, so check that out if you want to read a bit more about this project.

UI, UX, Illustration

GIFmix #54

Video Mix

Have you been keeping a folder filled with GIFs for years? Do you also listen to mixtapes way too often? Do you then compile them into a weird video mixtape? Wow. You and I must be the same person.

Mixtape: Fubiz Broadcast #54 by Diese


Brand & Website

Work completed at Motel

Auditing is complicated. Bitcoin and blockchain tech in general is complicated. Auditing ICOs is even more complicated. Good thing Hosho does that, so you don’t have to. We worked with Hosho to create a brand that emanated their values of trust, intelligence, and security.

Branding, UI, UX


Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Work completed at Motel

HotterKeys was a game for Mac and PC that teaches you keyboard shortcuts on an adventure through spacetime as Olivia, an otter who's trying to protect Otterspace from its slow menu driven destruction.

It would have been a bit like Mavis Beacon meets Katamari Damacy.

We launched this Kickstarter project during my time at Motel, but it was unsuccessful. It was a test for us to see if there was enough demand to actually spend time to fully develop this concept into a fully fledged game. We were featured on, and were even a Kickstarter staff pick, but no dice on fully funding the game. Oh well, we learned a bunch.

Work Type: Branding, UI, UX, IXD